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CYN AI is your personal Voice AI on the blockchain. In the next 3 years voice AI systems are getting more and more important in our life. Systems like Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa are already installed on millions of devices.

Our goal is to create a private AI for you so all your data and informations are secure on the blockchain or on your local device. With new technologies like decentralized storage on the blockchain this is now possible.

We are an open system so everybody who likes can contribute and influence the project. Our community can contribute in many ways. Create content about your favourite hobbies or series, create content about your city or do translations and many more.

Thousands of developers can add their service to CYN AI. Normal daily tasks like time management, ordering food, messaging and information research can be done comfortable with voice.


Privacy is one of our main goal for this project. You can access your data all the time and you are the owner of your data.

We are developing a multi level storage system so your data is stored mostly on your device or backuped on a decentral blockchain.

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